Why Are Supercars Expensive?

Supercars are something which everyone admires a lot. A supercar is not ordinary car. It comes with great power, great speed and with premium and luxurious features. Only few brands are there who generally launch their supercar models on regular basis, each with much better features than the previous one.

However, not everyone is capable of buying a supercar. Why? It is because supercars are way too expensive. You have to be multimillionaire in order to buy a supercar for yourself. Many of you might have had this thought as what the reason which makes a supercar extremely expensive that a common person cannot afford to buy it?
Well, we might have the answer for your query. If you go through this post, you will come to know about some points which make a super car so expensive.


Customisation is one of the reasons why supercars are so expensive. Have you ever seen a regular sedan with too much body work done on it? Yes, you got it. There is no use of customization on a regular car and hence it is cheap. People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars just to stand apart from the crowd and this is what a supercar offers to their customers.


Technology is probably the most important factor which makes supercars that expensive. Every now and then a new supercar model is introduced into the market with much better and advanced technology than previous one. Thus with new technology the price generally goes up. Supercars manufacturers are always in search of more advanced technology so that they could exclusively present it to their customers and in return they increase the price tag of the cars.

Hand Built

Yes, you read it right. Most of the supercars available in the markets are hand built. You may have heard about limited edition supercars or supercars which were built only on customers request. Well, those cars are hand built. These car companies do not go for mass production of their supercars because they know with these limited editions they can easily achieve their targets.

Extremely High Quality Interiors

If you see a supercar worth $100,000 then you can easily assume that approximately $40,000 is spent on the interiors of the car. These supercar manufacturers take their job pretty seriously and design the interiors in the best way possible. From leather seats, advanced technologies, Wi-Fi to wireless music players each and everything is taken care of so as to provide world class support to the driver.

Build Quality

Whereas sports cars engines are high speed, the material used to produce other components is simply unlike the one which is used in a normal car. Wheels, Chassis, the outer body, or anything else, the materials used for producing various components and parts are highly reliable and have a strong build quality. Carbon fibre and solid alloys are the commonly used materials for producing various parts of a sports cars. Not just these materials are capable of handling the high speed impact, but enables the car perform well on the roads also. This is one of few reasons that makes a spors car an expensive piece of engineering and unlike an ordinary car.