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Auto Insurance

Cheap Fleet Insurance: Looking For The Best Coverage

If you are on the market for affordable insurance for your fleet, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. In the UK, it is not difficult to find the right cheap fleet insurance provider for your particular needs. There are commercial plans available for big or small businesses. Some companies even allow various payment options.

Following are some guidelines that you can use when looking for affordable insurance coverage for your fleet:

You can begin your search on the internet. Check out the coverage options and the available payment plans that the insurance company offers. Get in touch with one of their agents to request for a quote, and to discuss other important details. Make sure to clarify the grey areas in the terms and conditions since fleet coverage may vary from one policyholder to another.
Bear in mind that the cheapest option may not always be the best. Remember that you need to have enough coverage for your fleet. Considering that the expenses you can incur for damages that result from accidents can be quite high, buying comprehensive physical damage as well as uninsured motorist cover may be a good idea.

Request for cheap fleet insurance quotes from various companies and check out their offers.
Ideally, you need to have at least three. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each policy. You can use online quote comparison tools for this.
Work with a car insurance broker.

Finding the right coverage from the numerous options available can be quite tedious. Thus, getting the services of an insurance broker may help. Brokers have connections with major insurance providers and have good knowledge about their products, so they can recommend specific products that will match your particular needs.

As a fleet insurance buyer, you must know that every insurance service provider applies its own set of criteria in assessing drivers risk factors. This explains why different car insurers may provide you with different quotes.
If you want to get discounted rates for your fleet, consider using the same provider for your other insurance needs, such as for your office and other properties. Most insurance companies will offer lower premiums if their services are used for multiple types of insurance.

If you have an existing fleet insurance cover from a certain company, contact your agent and request for a review of your policy to determine if you are qualified for lower rates. If you are not given preferential rates, check out what the competitors have to offer. Some insurers would be willing to give a considerable discount just for switching to another provider.

To make sure that you are dealing only with a legitimate insurance company, check out their financial standing. Read reviews from credible and independent websites, and from actual users. Fly-by-night companies always offer cheap premiums. However, they are likely to close shop in the future or deny your claims.

By using these guidelines, you can find the cheap fleet insurance cover that will be best suited for your business.

Motor Trader Insurance – Three Questions

Motor trader insurance companies are well aware that consumers often first compare trade insurance quotes to get the best deal, so they make sure they can be accessed through different channels such as email, mobile, and landline.
Thats not a guarantee that everyone can be accommodated, though. If you are caught up in such a situation, the next step is to access online forums or read FAQs. Below are three questions.

Can you explain the different levels of cover?

There are three choices for cover. The minimum requirement is the third party cover, which is normally the cheapest. It is illegal for any driver not to have at least this cover and tries to use public highways. This cover includes injury and damage to a third party. Passengers are covered but the driver and his vehicle are not covered.

The second is the fire and theft which is an extension to the third party cover mentioned above. In addition to damage, loss, and injury, this cover includes fire and theft. All vehicles under the custody of the trader are covered.

The most expensive type of motor trader insurance is the comprehensive cover which also has the widest coverage. All vehicles, including vehicles under your custody and vehicles that you own, are covered. The insurance covers repair expenses for vehicles that you dont own.
Note: Minimum insurance coverage is required for the following:
* A motor trader who runs a garage or an MOT centre
* A motor trader who services or repairs vehicles
* A motor trader who does vehicle fitting, mobile tuning, and/or valet services

What is liability insurance?
Liability insurance is a motor traders protection from risks of liabilities that may be imposed through lawsuits or similar claims. You are protected from claims covered by the insurance policy.

There are three areas wherein liability insurance coverage is applicable public, product, and employers liability. If your customer met an accident or was injured within your premises, you will be spared from expenses due to the insurance public liability coverage.

Faulty parts can induce a product liability claim. If you have installed a faulty product in a customers vehicle and that product caused injury or accident on the part of the customer, you can be sued. Your insurance company will pay your customer and if they were to do so, they can sue the manufacturer of the faulty part.
Make sure that you always check the products you are buying. Nobody wants accidents to happen. It can put your business in the red.
As an employer, you are protected from injury, accident, or death involving your employee. The law requires this coverage on all motor traders.

Why should I provide copies of my license?

Cases of fraud in the motor trade market are rampant. Insurance companies just want to make sure about the identities of the customers they are dealing with. They say that it is for the insureds protection, but actually, it works for both sides. It wouldnt be much of a bother to provide your company copies of your license and those of the drivers you want to include in your policy.

Remember that your insurance company gives the best that they can offer to give you the highest quality of protection. But make sure also that you do your part to minimize damage and protect your insurance company also.